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Sarah Grace, as a trained counsellor/psychotherapist, can also provide a coaching service to authors in order to help them reach their full potential as a writer. The process of writing can often be long, complex and at times a lonely and isolating experience. Sarah is able to work alongside authors to support them in the writing process with the goal of producing a more complete book, as well as assisting with further self-awareness.

On a practical level, this could range from helping authors early on in their writing journey as well as working through the dreaded ‘writers block’ to addressing more complex personal issues which may be affecting their writing journey. Sarah is experienced in helping authors create better books by enabling them to see objectively what their written words are actually communicating about them as an author. During this process, the writer will develop a greater sense of self-awareness, which will enable them to communicate more effectively.


Writing Therapy

Most writers begin with the notion that writing is fun but often the process of writing creates frustration and can often lead to work being left incomplete. Sarah aims to help put the fun back into writing by assisting authors to tap into more of their mental capacity in order to release creativity. This can often then lead to further emotional, spiritual, intellectual and intuitive capacity being released. Along with other therapies, such as art therapy, writing as therapy can be of immense value in itself, regardless of whether the end goal is a published book.

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