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Called to Influence Workbook




Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 82

Release Date: December 2020

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 9781912863464

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“A few are called to serve God by working full time in his Church. The rest of us are called to extend his dominion into offices, schools, hospitals, factories, logistics hubs and other workplaces around the country and the world. If that’s you this course will inspire and equip you.”

Peter van der Sluijs, Managing Director, Neesham Public Relations Ltd and co-ordinator for Chiltern Christians in Business.


How you live, daily as a Christian, including the many hours spent at work, matters to God. The group training series is designed for use by any Christian group, whether church or work-based, learning together how to stand united as influencers for God’s Kingdom.


Six training modules, each containing a welcome and introduction/reflection, online training video, discussion, learning review and time for prayer.

  1. The Call to Influence: Why me?

  2. Where to Influence: Overcoming the secular and sacred divide and your area(s) of influence

  3. Who am I to Influence? My identity as a child of God and Ambassador for God’s Kingdom

  4. How to Influence: Military Manoeuvres. Partnering with Holy Spirit on covert and overt operations

  5. How to Influence: Cultivate Healthy Relationships. The battle of the mind, our emotional intelligence and keeping emotionally healthy.

  6. How to Influence: Cultivate Kingdom Culture. What do we mean by culture? The Culture of Honour

    and how to shift atmospheres. 



Karen Kircher has 30 years’ business experience working as a leadership and organisational development coach. She carries a passion to ‘change the face of leadership’ to one that reflects Jesus’ leadership and the culture of God’s Kingdom. Karen is married to Mark and they have three children.

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