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Coming Out Gold





Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 208

Release Date: December 2018

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781910786420


Do you struggle with impure sexual thoughts? Would you like to be free? Coming Out Gold uses the analogy of the refining fire removing the impurities of gold. God is trying to get us to see our value in Him. We are pure gold to God because His blood removed all of the impurities in our lives and made us a brand-new creation in Christ Jesus. The more we believe we are impurity-free then the temptation to return to the things that make us impure fade away. Coming Out Gold is primarily about us, realising the eternal and significant value we have in God.

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Rob Joy, along with his wife Lydia, is the leader of Kingdom Cause which is based in Luton, England. He travels all over the UK and overseas. Rob’s first book, Internal Revolution, is his story of deliverance from serious addiction, violence, mental health and prison.


‘Brutally and refreshingly honest, Rob’s story is sure to be a healing balm to many, many lives.'

Jarrod Cooper, senior leader, Revive Church

‘Brutally honest, real, gritty and transformational. I’ve no doubt at all that many will find hope, healing and peace through reading this book by Rob, a man who is living proof that only Jesus Christ can transform our lives - and he does!’

Carl Beech, president, CVM

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