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Faith, Hope & Charity





Format: Flexibind with Flaps

Size: 229mm x 152mm

Pages: 432

Release Date: January 2017

Price: £16.99

ISBN: 9781910786604


Moses had it easy - he only had 10 laws to keep! Imagine if he, or any of the leaders in the Bible, had to lead today … Compliance with myriad laws and regulations would surely have distracted them from the essential job of doing their work. So how can charity leaders and volunteers cope in today’s legislative jungle?

Paul Martin provides us with a practical, understandable and comprehensive guide to running a secular or faith-based charity and running it well. Carefully laid out, the contents are easily accessible to those who just want to dip in and find the answer to their question. For those who wish to linger longer, there is helpful explanation and advice. Drawing on his 40+ years as both a lawyer specialising in the sector and charity trustee, Paul is able to offer pragmatic advice as well as explore some of the more challenging issues, such as why leadership and organisations fall. Comprising of 29 chapters spread over 400 pages, plus useful glossaries, schedules and a comprehensive index, the book covers everything charities need to know about the law, and much they probably wish they didn’t!

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Paul Martin has been a lawyer for over 40 years and has been a partner with Wellers since1983. Based in London, Paul serves charity and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and overseas. He has served as a trustee of several local and international charities (two of those as joint founder) and has travelled worldwide to consult on charity projects. In recent years, Paul has been a speaker at charity conferences in China, Singapore, Australia and the USA. In2015/16 Paul consulted with Beijing Normal University on the China charity legislation which became law in 2016. Married to Claire, they have two married children.


‘God loves a cheerful giver,’ says 2 Corinthians 9:7. Indeed so, but those who are involved in any way with either giving to a charity or managing one are inclined to find any tendency to smile vanish in the face of the intimidating scope and complexity of modern charity law. In fact, many people are so scared by legal issues in this area that they hold back from being involved in what should be a normal element in a Christian’s grateful response to God’s goodness. So I am particularly grateful for this clear, authoritative and helpful handbook to every aspect you can think of – and a few that you can’t – in the area of the management of a charity, whether it be a church, a trust or a conference centre. This trustworthy guide through the bewildering maze of legislation deserves to be on the bookshelf of anybody remotely connected with a charity. I’m profoundly grateful for the way that this book has the potential to encourage and equip all who are involved in the world of charity.’

Revd Canon J.John, author and speaker

‘What a goldmine of valuable, important info for those who are involved in the world of charity. I wish I’d had this book when I founded a charity called Send the Light in 1962, which also became Operation Mobilization. There was so much to learn along the way and mistakes cost. This book should be required reading for all board members of charities as well as the CEO and CFO and others. Leading a UK Charity is more complicated than ever and Paul Martin has done us a great service giving us this vitally important book.’

George Verwer DD, founder and former International Director Operation Mobilization

‘Part of our role at the Evangelical Alliance is to encourage churches and charities to do their job well, avoiding disputes and compliance failures. This book is a one-stop-shop which answers the key questions you may have regarding running the legal and financial elements of your church or ministry. It will be essential reading for those who want to do more than just pray that they are doing the right thing.’

Steve Clifford, General Director,  Evangelical Alliance UK

‘Leading a charity well is not a necessary evil to be endured, but a vital aspect of effective leadership and integrity for any organisation. Paul Martin’s book will become a ‘must read’ for anyone seeking to engage in charitable endeavours well. From his excellent introduction to what a charity is, all the way through to issues of good governance and due diligence, Paul sets out a road map of great clarity for those who want to ensure that what they do and the way they do it is of the very highest standard. Faith, Hope & Charity is practical, accessible and deeply relevant. Its author has a wealth of experience and a deep passion for the life of charity to be on excellent foundations. I cannot commend it highly enough. Every trustee and leader of a charity should buy this book, read it, discuss it with their board and make it a consistent companion in discussions and decisions about how to do things well.’

Rev Malcolm Duncan, FRSA,  Senior Pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church and Chair of Trustees, and Chairman of Spring Harvest Planning Group

‘Over the last 20 years I have been surprised by how often the church has needed good legal advice. Paul Martin has consistently and helpfully guided us through a range of different situations. I would like to endorse this very practical and accessible handbook – a great resource in handling the legal complexities of running a Christian charity.’

Steve Tibbert, Senior Minister, Kings Church Catford and New Frontiers

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