For Heaven's Sake





Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 216

Release Date: August 2015

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781910786116


For Heaven’s Sake is filled with amazing, miraculous stories of how God has moved in and through John’s life and ministry. Read about the incredible ups and devastating downs as he battled through cancer, hepatitis C virus and a liver transplant. Discover the price he paid whilst pioneering rehabilitation centres and the victories God wrought in the lives of many people.

John says, ‘I pray that you too can learn to overcome all that life throws at you. Sometimes life is not fair and other times we feel that we just can’t go on. But, with God, the right attitude and with his strength we can do anything.’



He is happily married, a stepfather and grandfather and lives in Bradford, England.


‘What makes John unusual is that he has realised his freedom was not just about him, but about many others too.’


Paul Scanlon, Former Senior Pastor, Life Church, Bradford


‘I’m thrilled that John has written this so that others can enjoy, with laughter and tears, the experiences which have made him what he is today.’


Moya Brennan, Lead Singer, Clannad

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