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Fresh Footprints





Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 130mm

Pages: 264

Release Date: November 2017

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781910786789


John Houghton became a God-searcher at a time when churches were going under the hammer, vicars no longer believed their own faith, and God was pronounced dead. But John possessed an insatiable curiosity and wanted to find out for himself…

In spite of a relentlessly scientific and rationalistic education, something nagged inside him. Could there be more to life? Science can only observe and measure, but how could you measure the unmeasurable? The artistic, creative side of his personality demanded answers that science could never supply. So can God still have a place in a world rules by science and technology? How can there be a God of love given so much appalling suffering in this world? Hasn’t evolution disproved the existence of God, anyway?

Fresh Footprints seeks to answer these and many other questions. Using the idea of a seashore journey, the author invites readers to discover a relationship with God for themselves.

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John Houghton is a layperson’s philosopher, theologian and artist with a down-to-earth take on science, faith and spirituality in the 21st Century. John is the author of many books, including both children and adult fantasies, practical faith lifestyle, and home group Bible study. They include Hagbane’s Doom and the Oswain Tales series, A Touch of Love and The Harry Potter Effect. He is an experienced public speaker and teacher. John and his wife, Jan, live in southern England. They have three adult children and ten grandchildren.


'John’s helical ‘slinky’ approach to God and life is very persuasive. His retelling of the grand biblical narrative is compelling. Throughout, John asks questions galore, refusing to force-feed us. Above all, we are offered the good news in fresh clothes. If you’re brave enough to dip your feet in the water for the first time, just do it! If you’re already swimming and want to bring those with arm-bands gently with you, this would be a great stimulus.’

Rev Andrew Whitman MA, Theologian and spiritual teacher

'There are just a few books I have given away, again and again. This book may well join that short list! Reading John Houghton’s latest book is like taking a long walk with the author, probably along the seashore. Rather like John himself, it is approachable and conversational in style, yet rich and broad in scope. Infused with humour, metaphor, parable and anecdote, yet engaging creatively with science, philosophy, theology and the arts; Fresh Footprints is an extraordinary read which takes the reader on a journey from positive beginnings, through the inevitability of tension, failure and struggle, and on to a truly hope-filled conclusion. Rather than trying to win arguments, John Houghton seeks to win friends and fellow travellers to join him in this glorious and extraordinary search.’

Daniel Pritchard, Centre Manger Letton Hall

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