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Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 176

Release Date: June 2020

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781912863471


Would you like to be more courageous in speaking to people about Jesus? Would you like to step out more in praying for the sick? Claire Coggan demonstrates how that every day God wants to show people His perfect love and that He is not distant but kind, compassionate and forgiving. He wants to reveal to people that He is alive, that people can come to Him and know Him. The amazing thing is that He has chosen to use people like you and me to show and tell them.


Claire Coggan lives in Bedford, England, where she leads a team who pray for people in high street coffee shops. She is passionate about seeing believers stepping into their primary calling to proclaim and demonstrate the Kingdom of God wherever they go. 


'Some books I have to read. It’s part of my job. But this book I was excited to read. I have known Claire for a number of years and have been so inspired by who she is and the gift that she carries. I couldn’t wait to read this account of her journey and I was not disappointed. Her love for people, courage to follow Jesus and incredible anointing for healing is breathtaking and it seeps from every page of this book. I’ve had the joy of seeing Claire grow in her gifts and faithfully follow Jesus. I was inspired, provoked and led to worship as I read the stories and teaching that Claire so brilliantly unpacks in this book. If you want to get on adventure with God, Claire has pioneered a way for you to follow.'

Simon Holley, Senior Leader, King’s Arms Church Bedford, UK and Catalyst Network

'Claire beautifully and authentically shares her journey of learning how to introduce people to Jesus by expressing His love and His Kingdom to those she encounters on a daily basis, whether in a coffee shop, at work or in a supermarket. Through the many stories shared, Claire expresses a very different approach to evangelism simply by asking God, “Who do you want me to show your love to today?” The book is provoking, challenging and life changing for the reader, as it will tug at your heart a deeper desire to express greater compassion and God’s presence to those you encounter daily.’

Karen Kircher, Director of Leading Leaders Ltd

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