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If God is so good, why do I always seem

If God is so good then why do I always seem to be broke?





Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 160

Release Date: October 2020

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781912863525


Have you ever wondered why you seem to be struggling financially and why whatever money you make never seems to be enough? This book is an attempt to look at wealth from a balanced scriptural perspective. Paul Plagerson's purpose is to help you identify and remove some blockages on the road to prosperity. When Paul Plagerson was appointed to church eldership he found himself in a difficult situation. In debt with mortgage arrears, almost to the point of repossession of his house by the bank, Paul was in emotional turmoil. He felt blessed and respected in the congregation and yet wrestled with sometimes overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame, as well as the fear that someone would discover his situation and I would be exposed as a fraud. What made things worse was that he was a professional financial adviser, helping others manage their money! Christians should be leading abundant lives in every respect. They should be wealthy in the fullest meaning of the word. Abundance is not just about having enough money. It's much more than that, it's an abundance of relationships, an abundance of health and an abundance of joy.

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Paul Plagerson is a financial counsellor, teacher and mentor who has brought hope, encouragement and guidance to many. Amongst those he has worked with are students, church and business leaders and he is passionate to see people walk in the abundance that their Heavenly Father has for them to enjoy. Paul lives in Bedford, UK with his wife Anne and is a part of the leadership at Kings Arms church.


‘Short, life changing, and profound. What more could you want? Biblical, pastoral and practical too. Paul Plagerson has written an important book that is a must-read for anyone who has tried to navigate well intentioned but contradictory church teaching on money.'


Chris Bullivant, Writer and Political Commentator


‘Few boos deal so directly with money and even fewer give understanding to the spiritual, emotional and mental underpinnings of our finances. Paul does both things brilliantly in this book. Read it, apply it and be transformed by it.’


Simon Holley, Senior Leader, King's Arms Church and Catalyst Team Leader

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