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Journey with Grace




Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 268

Release Date: October 2020

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781912863279

Faith@Work Podcast with Sarah GraceSimon Ward
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Do you want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin? Reading this book can turn confusion into clarity, fear into peace, anxiety into creativity, doubt into trust. You will discover confidence in your path ahead and find new freedom in your everyday life. The challenge of unpacking our personal journey and seeing what is really going on emotionally is a privilege that each of us can go through if we choose to. When we decide to really get to know ourselves improve ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skin the ripple effect to others is contagious. So often we are afraid of appearing self-centred but who else is going to do it?  We need our own journey. Sarah Grace shares how she and others have gone there and hopes you can too. Journey with Grace so you don't have go there alone.


Sarah Grace is an integrative psychotherapist in private practice and a director at Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing. Embracing her own life journey with dyslexia, she uses her counselling and coaching skills, to work closely with clients helping them lead a more fulfilling life. She is also the author of Journey with Grace.


‘In this brave book Sarah Grace puts her life on the line in every sense. Woven throughout the book is the story her life’s journey and its vicissitudes. Ultimately it is a tale of optimism, faith and of light coming out of darkness. The moving accounts of those she has met along the way, will inspire others to keep going through their bleakest times. Spiritual and emotionally engaging it bears witness to the ways in which hope and meaning may emerge where least expected.’


Joy Schaverien PhD, Jungian psychoanalyst, author of Boarding School Syndrome


‘There’s a proverb that says it's the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to seek it out. This is a book about revealing what has been hidden. It is an appreciation of the depths of our inner worlds as well as the breadth of the everyday lives we live. Sarah is captivatingly honest as she insightfully recounts her own experiences and those of people around her, to shine a gentle but determined light on the kinds of hidden-away doubts and yearnings that many of us have buried deep within. And because every chapter is so delightfully hopeful you’ll find yourself wanting to give the book away to others.’

Martin Young, Senior Minister, Rising Brook Community Church, Stafford England

‘It’s been said many times people relate more to your scars then your success stories, in this relatable, honest and vulnerable book Sarah tells us story with real authenticity.’

Patrick Regan OBE, Kintsugi Hope 

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