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The Image of God




Format: Paperback

Size: 203mm x 203mm

Pages: 36

Release Date: March 2018

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781910786901


There are three great questions in life. Who am I? Do babies have beards? How can I dance like Aunty Helen? To discover the answers turn to page one of your Bible or read this story. It’s all about the image of God. Bible Verses this story is based on: Genesis 1:27.


Andrew McDonough is a gifted Australian pastor, teacher and storyteller with a heart for children. His years of ministry include working amongst the homeless & advocating for refugees. Andrew's creative talents and passion for the gospel have combined to produce the outstanding Lost Sheep series of biblical stories.


‘I met Andrew the creator of Cecil the Lost Sheep when I was in Australia last and just love his stuff. It fits into the Messy Church ethos – quirky fun for adults and for children.’

Lucy Moore, Messy Church

‘Fresh, vivid and attention-grabbing. These stories touch the heart and illuminate the mind. Great work!’

Max Lucado, pastor and bestselling author

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