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Ministering to Addicts



Format: Paperback

Size: 8" x 5"

Pages: 56

Release Date: April 2021

Price: £3.99

ISBN: 9781915046239


Ministering to Addicts has been written to help inform ministers, churches and other Christian organisations who seek to open their doors and hearts to those who find themselves struggling with or recovering from addiction.

This booklet is by no means exhaustive but as a former addict of 18 years, Trudy Makepeace shares personal insights from her own journey, as one who has experienced healing and freedom. Trudy brings this together with what she has learned and encountered as a support worker and then manager of a Christian rehabilitation centre in South Wales, and recently as an outreach worker and evangelist.

Whilst there is not one prescriptive pathway to see people step into and maintain freedom from addiction, Trudy believes the content of Ministering to Addicts is vital to the individual’s ongoing freedom and recovery. Her hope is to bring insight and confidence as you support others on this journey.


Trudy is an evangelist and minister of the Gospel. Based in local Church she is actively involved in the leadership encouraging, training, and equipping the church in discipleship, mission, and evangelism. Since coming to faith 15 years ago Trudy has managed a rehabilitation centre, ministered in prisons and is the author of her memoir, Abused Addicted Free.

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