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Multiplying Disciples





Format: Hardback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 200

Release Date: July 2018

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781910786871


How do we raise up radical disciples that change neighbourhoods and nations? Discipleship is not the call for the few but for all who follow Jesus. We are all called to become and to make multiplying disciples.

In Multiples Disciples, Phil Wilthew explores the three-dimensional life of every disciple, unveiling an easily transferable toolkit for living life like Jesus. Phil considers the upward life of red hot devotion to God, the inward life of character in community and the electrifying outward call to make a difference in the world in Jesus name.

Jesus’ discipleship model has new become our mandate for multiplication, and the goal of this book is to help release radical disciple-making disciples all over the world, who can perpetuate the glory of God wherever they go, into every sphere of society.

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Phil Wilthew is a prophet and teacher based at the Kings Arms Church, Bedford, where a rediscovery of Gods Father heart and the message of the Kingdom has led to the creation of a pioneering and radical community of believers. Phil's passion is to multiply prophetic ministry across the world and to mobilise Gods people to take their place in His purposes. Phil is married to Carole and has two children. Twitter @PhilWilthew


‘I have found what Phil shares in this book to be hugely helpful in discipling the congregations I lead in London. I’d recommend it to anybody who is looking for some simple, helpful tools for making strong disciples of Jesus today.’

Phil Moore, leader of Everyday Church London and author of the Straight to the Heart series of commentaries

‘It’s brilliant that Phil Wilthew has created this brilliant, practical equipping tool, distilled from many years as a skilled practitioner, serving churches and making disciples of Jesus Christ.’

Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer International and author of Dirty Glory, God on Mute and Red Moon Rising

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