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Biblical Metaphors for the Holy Spirit - Michael E.J. Wright

Biblical Metaphors for the Holy Spirit - Michael E.J. Wright

SKU: 9781915046765
  • From beginning to end, the Bible tells us of God’s amazing plan of salvation and restoration for humanity; i.e. the restoration of all that was lost to Adam’s fall, the consequences of which were subsequently made worse by his descendants wilful association with their first father’s disobedience. The Scriptures provide many different images which explain God’s plan and how he is bringing it to full accomplishment. Jesus Christ, in his entire person, and by his redemptive works, is at the heart of that plan. But Scripture also emphasises the importance of the person and actions of the Holy Spirit in restoring to persons and to peoples the breath of life, the rûah, the pneuma.


    An interesting look at the Holy Spirit in Scripture – in the form of Breath and Wind, Fire, Dove, Oil, Water, New Wine and Seal. Biblically referenced with some thought-provoking content on the extent of the Spirit’s work within the Bible, this is a book that will appeal to those who want to dig deeper into what the Word of God says about who the Spirit is and how he works. The first of a trilogy.

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