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Breakthrough Into Deeper Intimacy - Rory Magrath

Breakthrough Into Deeper Intimacy - Rory Magrath

SKU: 9781915046697
  • Many Christians have the belief and trust in their salvation, but seem to struggle to truly experience and sense


    God’s presence on an intimate level in their everyday lives. This is what Rory experienced for nearly twenty-six years of his life, and his obsessive pursuit for genuine intimacy with his creator took him on a long and painful journey.


    Through an inadvertent miracle, Rory was introduced to a solution in the most unlikely of places, which opened the door to a relationship with God that was so naturally real that it appeared almost tangible; like God was actually there in the room or in the car with him. With this close relationship came the realisation that God’s power was then doing through him what he could never before do for himself. He realised that to breakthrough what seemed an invisible barrier, into this level of relationship with our Lord, it required a process.


    He has written this book, as over the years he has interacted with many who have struggled yet found close intimacy with God through the same solution as he had. In the book he outlines this process step for step, precisely as he did it, including personal examples and worksheets to help. He believes that anyone can move into the heart-felt relationship with God that we may have heard others speak about.

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