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Next Steps to Following Jesus - Pack of 10

Next Steps to Following Jesus - Pack of 10

SKU: 9781915046277
  • Next Steps to Following Jesus is a flexible and engaging resource that helps children and families at all stages of faith to walk through the Bible and explore the life of Jesus together. Here, you’ll find out more about Jesus, what he did during his time on earth and why he is at the heart of the Bible.

    As well as reading about the extraordinary life of Jesus, you can enjoy adventures along four different pathways that bring the life of Jesus into the life of your family. You can choose one pathway or try them all.
    We hope that you enjoy Next Steps to Following Jesus and discover new and exciting things about him that encourage you and your family to love and live for God.

    The Four Pathways
    Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your mind, heart, strength and soul (see Mark 12:30 and Luke 10:27). Next Steps to Following Jesus includes activities to involve your family in all four.

    • The THINK pathway helps you to engage your brain to work things out. Connect with God by using your mind and fact-finding.
    • The FEEL pathway aids in building connections between the head and heart. Be with God in the silence and enjoy the wonders of creation.
    • The GET ACTIVE pathway encourages you to do something practical and to put words into action. See God at work as you get stuck in.
    • The CREATE pathway inspires you to make, bake and express your creativity. Experience God in the here and now.


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    Whatever your age, personality or stage of faith, this book will take your whole family on a journey of discovery. Shell and Joanne use their wonderful creativity to combine short Bible passages of significant moments in Jesus’ life with different ways we might connect with God. A brilliant resource to help families find what works for them. 
    Rob Parsons, OBE,, Founder and Chairman, Care for the Family

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