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Daniel - Being Distinctive in Uncertain Times

Daniel - Being Distinctive in Uncertain Times

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  • The book of Daniel in the Bible was written over 2,500 years ago. Yet it remains highly relevant for us today. Daniel and his friends were transported to a society where their future was uncertain and where they encountered hostility to the practice of their faith. Their response gives us important pointers as to how we can maintain our distinctiveness and enjoy God’s protection in similar situations.

    Michael Gowen seeks to engage us in a conversation with God as he opens up these first three chapters of the book of Daniel. He thus encourages us to have the expectation that we too can engage with God and deepen our relationship with him through meditating on the Bible.

    "I’m so delighted to see this book in publication. The experience and wisdom that Michael has gleaned over decades will inspire and inform anyone who is inquisitive and committed to thriving in life, work and faith. You’ll find a thoughtful blend of excellent biblical insights, faithfully understood in their historical context, alongside cultural commentary and space for personal reflection. An excellent devotional."
    Andrew McNeilSenior Pastor of Birmingham Vineyard and Associate National Director of Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland

    "A well-written, deeply researched, and thoughtful reflection on living in uncertain and challenging times. There is a great deal of helpful food for thought here as we seek to be faithful to Christ in today’s society."
    Paul Harcourt, National Leader, New Wine

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