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EQ Emotional Intelligence

EQ Emotional Intelligence

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  • Much of our lives are spent interacting with others, whether family and friends, people at work or those we encounter once or occasionally. Such connections enrich our lives but can equally cause tension, affecting our and others’ well- being. To build strong, healthier, more meaningful relationships we need to understand our emotional intelligence and how to manage our responses to people and situations. Getting to grips with our emotional intelligence is core to how we effectively communicate, influence and lead, whether at home, at work or other social situations.

    Would you like to understand what makes you and others tick by recognising your own and others’ emotions and how to adjust your emotional responses accordingly?

    Do you want to grow in confidence and self-belief, to deal with fears and anxieties that hold you back?

    Would you like to be free from the inner thoughts and emotional responses that drive your need for approval and constant comparison with others?

    Karen has managed to distil many years of experience as a coach of a wide range of people, in business, public and voluntary sector bodies, into this invaluable guide. The reader who is interested in understanding, grappling with and turning to advantage their emotional intelligence will find much to learn and apply from this practical workbook.
    Professor Clive Morton OBE, PhD, CCIPD, CEng, MICE

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