Faith, Hope & Charity

Faith, Hope & Charity

  • Moses had it easy - he only had 10 laws to keep! Imagine if he, or any of the leaders in the Bible, had to lead today … Compliance with myriad laws and regulations would surely have distracted them from the essential job of doing their work. So how can charity leaders and volunteers cope in today’s legislative jungle?

    Paul Martin provides us with a practical, understandable and comprehensive guide to running a secular or faith-based charity and running it well. Carefully laid out, the contents are easily accessible to those who just want to dip in and find the answer to their question. For those who wish to linger longer, there is helpful explanation and advice. Drawing on his 40+ years as both a lawyer specialising in the sector and charity trustee, Paul is able to offer pragmatic advice as well as explore some of the more challenging issues, such as why leadership and organisations fall. Comprising of 29 chapters spread over 400 pages, plus useful glossaries, schedules and a comprehensive index, the book covers everything charities need to know about the law, and much they probably wish they didn’t!

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