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Light through the Cracks

Light through the Cracks

SKU: 9781912863884
  • Cancer disappearing without trace. A premature baby confounding the medical predictions about his prognosis. A teenager seeing her long-term debilitating illness vanish in an instant. A church receiving cash out of thin air, ensuring it survives the threat of closure. A man defying death, multiple times, following life-threatening injuries sustained in a head-on road collision. Light through the Cracks contains ten true stories, united by a common theme: All of them feature ordinary people encountering God, in extraordinary ways, in the toughest of life’s circumstances. Starting with her own dramatic story of the car accident that could have left her dead or paralysed, Joanna Watson writes authentically and compellingly of how God breaks in when life turns tough. Each story raises faith, builds hope, and encourages readers to look for God’s Light through the cracks in their own challenging situations.

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