Live By Design, Not by Default

Live By Design, Not by Default

  • Do you feel like your Christian journey is a struggle and ineffective? Jim Dunn argues that our thought patterns and habits will either help or hinder us as we seek to become effective as Christians. This book will help you examine your faith from a fresh perspective to help you develop your relationship with and commitment to Jesus. A Study of both Old and New Testaments shows that Godly men and women who lived effective lives all had in common certain habits of thought and activity. First, they all had a personal encounter with God that changed their lives. They experienced a new beginning which gave them a new life as well as a new perspective on life. These same men and women went on to 'make history'. Their lives had impact for good and for God in varying ways and to varying degrees. Live by design not by Default is about the thought patterns and life habits of people like this. Jim Dunn argues that it is the active presence or absence of these thought patterns and habits that will either help or hinder us as we seek to become effective as Christians at every level of human experience. The key purpose of the book is to invite the reader to examine their faith and life from a fresh perspective with a view to developing their relationship with Jesus Christ and deepening their commitment to His Gospel.

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