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Ruth, a Parable of the Kingdom

Ruth, a Parable of the Kingdom

    • Love a good love story?
    • This look at Ruth shows the different kinds of love stories it contains
    • A great way for small groups to engage with the Bible in a different way


    The book of Ruth is full of dramatic life-lessons, all framed in an enduring love story, it speaks of not one, but three important loves:


    1. The love of a widowed, disenfranchised daughter-in-law for her embittered mother-in-law.

    2. The love of an older nobleman, the wealthiest landowner in his region, for a servant girl from an alien culture, desperately trying to scrape a living.

    3. The love of God for his broken, bewildered and stumbling people.


    This story will enable the reader to understand these loves and examine how we can move from chaos to a restored humanity full of good things for every one of us. This book is particularly useful as a study guide for small groups.

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