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Stolen Crowns

Stolen Crowns

SKU: 9781915046048
  • We will make Tulo safe again.

    In the aftermath of the Liberation Day attack committed by the Rogue, Command tries to help Tulo City rebuild, yet Ajay Ambers unravels in the face of what he's done to those he loves. Caught between grief and fear, he tries to flee but soon finds himself in even darker territory, trapped with people only driven by hate. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Genni is left behind in the debris of his lies. Unable to move on, she risks her own merit score and digs deeper into Ajay's past on the Side, making harrowing discoveries about the merit-making society she's been raised to respect. As they begin to question the system they live by, one that labels them Worthy or Unworthy, Ajay and Genni must decide what sort of people they want to be... The second in the Merit-Hunters Series, Stolen Crowns continues the dystopian adventure about an intense and gruelling working world.

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