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The Good Question

The Good Question

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  • What is 'goodness' ? In contemporary society, there is no single conception of the 'good' or definition of what human nature is. Every daffodil is different.


    Just as we partially understand the physical world we live in and have a variety of theories about the way it works, the same applies to our understanding of human relationships. That doesn't mean we cannot enjoy them and try to get the best out of them. Similarly even though we may not be able to fully articulate what 'goodness' is, we can still sense it.


    Nathan takes this uncertainty to matters of faith. He believes in a God who is good and lived a human life. Through Christ overcoming the tragedy of it, bearing the pain of human malevolence and seeing into the intricacies of our motives, Nathan argues that the inner comfort, strength and inspiration found from a faith in Christ can make the world a better place.


    Whether or not you have taken a step of faith in Christ, Nathan hopes that this book will make you ask yourself some questions and start your journey of discovery into goodness.

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