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True Freedom Part One

True Freedom Part One

SKU: 9781915046390
  • Are you or a loved one trapped in addiction of any kind? What if there was a key hidden on the inside of the prison cell of addiction? True Freedom explains what the key is, how to find it and how to use it. 


    After teaching the contents of this bookwork to addicts for a few years, Rebekah has witnessed many of them become ex-addicts with absolutely no desire for the substance or activity that once controlled them. She herself broke free through the truth contained in this bookwork, over years of study revelation and process. 


    Now you can break free too. 


    True freedom is about becoming truly free, set free by the truth. From nicotine to crack; from sugar to opioids; from a life-destroying cycle of torture to something coming between you and a person or goal that matters, True Freedom reveals the key beyond being an addict in recovery to becoming an ex-addict.

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