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Two Seconds to Midnight

Two Seconds to Midnight

  • If midnight is the time when Jesus returns, then Bob Hext contends that there is not long left until it happens. Just as when a young child holds her parent’s hand whilst waiting for a train, she knows that she isn’t going to get lost or left behind. She knows she’s safe; she knows she’s loved. And the parent who loves that child also knows two things: she is safe, and the plan is on track.


    We also have a train to catch. Jesus is calling out to us to focus; to stay close to Him. He doesn’t just ask us in Scripture to hold His hand: He asks us to do something that is more solid and safer still. He says to us 'Take My yoke upon you . . .' If we remain yoked to Jesus we will not lose our way: we will be where He wants us to be, when He wants us to be there.


    Of course none of us knows how long the 'two seconds' will last, so Two Seconds to Midnight explores what it means to be yoked to Jesus so we can serve Him best in what ever time remains on His heavenly clock before midnight chimes.

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