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  • Are the ten commandments still relevant to us in the 21st century?

    In the New Testament, Paul says that the law is a curse, and reminds us that we are no longer under the law.

    What if we believed him when he said the law is irrelevant? Or that it can't save us? What if we dived into that idea and recognised that not only are we are not under law, but that the law can send us in the wrong direction sometimes? What if we understood that the law keeps us rooted at the bottom of the mountain and it distorts our view of God, rendering him distant, and inaccessible? What if we realised that our legalistic understanding of the law keeps us at the bottom of the mountain, separate from God, telling us that we aren't good enough, and that God is at the top of the mountain and angry with us.

    What if we believed it?

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