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Vice Cop to Vicar - Derrick Wilks with Ann Wilks

Vice Cop to Vicar - Derrick Wilks with Ann Wilks

SKU: 9781915046840
  • Vice Cop to Vicar chronicles the extraordinary journey of one man through the darkest corridors of trauma to a profound transformation guided by faith. From the high-stakes world of law enforcement, DC Derrick Wilks found himself entrenched in the gruesome reality of crimes that shook the very foundation of his being. Alongside his wife, Ann, this book unravels gripping accounts of investigations that tested the boundaries of human wickedness, including the heart-wrenching discovery of a baby in a shoebox that would haunt him for years. The unyielding pressures of the job, devoid of any support or counselling, took a toll on Derrick's mental health, pushing him into a profound breakdown. And yet, amid the turmoil, a glimmer of hope emerged in the unexpected encounter with an evangelist that sparked a journey towards healing and purpose. This is Derrick's story - from the raw vulnerability of a shattered man to the celebration of the unwavering belief that even in the face of unspeakable darkness, light can eventually pierce through - a story of the power of faith.

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