Progress of a

Modern Pilgrim



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David Sullivan has lived a lifetime of lifetimes. His journey has taken so many twists and turns. Just when he thought he was going into a life of Hollywood excitement he was called to be a pastor. Thirty years later the door opened for him to re-connect with Hollywood as a film and TV producer. At the same time, doors began to open in such places as China, North Korea and Cambodia. Often called a ‘networker’ David prefers to view his life as full of very deep connections.


His life’s ambition has been to promote his Lord and Saviour any way that he can. From having coffee with one of the world’s leading business people in Beijing or talking to a shoe shine boy in Shanghai, David shares the miracles of what God has been doing in his life and ministry, such as the way God opened doors for David in North Korea where he is involved with bakeries which now feed 25,000 children a day. Known throughout the world for his interviews with people in business, media, TV, film, entertainment and fashion, David’s Christian guests have included Dr David Yonggi Cho (Founder of the world’s largest church), Dr Young Hoon Lee (Dr Cho’s successor), Joyce Meyer and Dr Luis Palau. David’s prayers and hopes are that in this book of his life’s story people will be encouraged in the same way that hundreds have been when he has shared with them one-to-one.


David Sullivan received a BA degree from Barrington College (USA) - now Gordon College. He served 30 years pastoring and church planting in the USA and England. During that time he also co-produced and worked with various mainstream film and TV productions which included two James Bond films. David has also served as an advisor for a number of internationally recognised ministries and evangelistic events in the UK and Europe. This also entailed co-ordinating one of Europe’s largest Christian events for five years with an attendance of 15,000 and over 1,500 supporting churches. 

Today he is in much demand to speak at national leadership training events, business events, TED style presentations and conferences on almost every continent. He has preached in over 100 countries and written a number of booklets and training manuals used by leading evangelistic ministries throughout the world.


‘The map of someone’s life always leads in unexpected directions. Reading Progress of a Modern Pilgrim - My Life as an Ambassador of Faith & Film is a reminder of how much is planned, and how much more is unplanned. David Sullivan has led a remarkable life, and been on the front lines of how technology has changed the way Christians engage with the world. His life is a testimony that to be a witness today, means to speak the language of media, which is the language of the culture. It’s a fascinating story, and one that needs to be told.’


Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

‘David Sullivan is a gracious, thoughtful and inspired media ambassador of faith and film. He has integrity and wit. I commend him.’

Dr Ted Baehr, publisher of Movieguide

‘I hope that many hearts will be touched by this wonderful record of one extraordinary man’s journey with God.’

Dr Young hoon Lee, Senior Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church (the world’s largest church)

‘Every time I chat with David I’m encouraged by his passion for Jesus and his desire to share the good news with the world. I’m also amazed at how many wonderful, providential and crazy situations he manages to find himself in. This book reads, appropriately given David’s career path, like the plot of a film. It’s an exciting invitation to follow David as he follows Christ.’

Andy Croft, Senior Pastor, Soul Survivor Watford

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