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Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 300

Release Date: May 2019

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781912863129


Relationships are changing, and the church is struggling to keep up. Many Christians are adrift, faced with a faith culture far removed from their experiences and a faith that finds itself in interesting times. What is the future for relationships between men and women? What will singleness and marriage look like?

Vicky Walker 05 Credit Dipesh Dhimar.JPG


Vicky Walker is a writer, speaker and radio broadcaster fascinated by modern relationships and where faith fits in the world. She has presented on BBC Radio 4’s Daily Service and Premier Radio. She also organises the Gathering of Women Leaders and a faith community for artists in London.


Relatable is a brilliant, encouraging, revealing, informative and fascinating look at the history up to current times of relationships between men and women in church. I love Vicky's humour, which brings a lightness to what can be a very intense subject. I will be referring back to it as on a first read there is simply too much to take it all in. Very excited to see this book out there and cannot recommend it strongly enough!’

Katharine Welby-Roberts, speaker and author of I thought there would be cake

‘Through wit, candour, and fresh research, Vicky Walker gives us not another how-to-get-hitched book, but a snapshot of British opinions on modern day love, partnering and matrimony. The results are enlightening, sometimes concerning, and always educational, providing a necessary critique of much relationship advice and the distortions they can carry. Relatable will be a helpful resource for church leaders wanting to really know the lived experience of the single, newly coupled, and the rest of us navigating modern relationships.’

Mark Greene, Executive Director of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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