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Format: Hardback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 496

Release Date: October 2017

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781910786772


Sanctuary - ‘something set aside for sacred use’

Sanctuary is a collection of daily thoughts and insights designed to encourage the reader to come into the presence of God to praise Him, to hear Him and be healed and restored by the wonders of His love and faithfulness. Sanctuary is not meant at all to replace daily Bible reading but instead aims to stimulate, inspire and refresh you by helping you to go deeper into His love.

Reflecting on the nature of God, Sanctuary contains exciting testimonies and encouragement to pursue the Lord for spiritual gifts to be evident in our everyday lives. Each day is arranged so you can coincide your reading with the date order or at your own pace using the numbered days. At the end of each day’s reading there is a short prayer as a source of inspiration for further meditation.

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At the age of 21, David Strutt had a sudden and profound conversion to Christianity. For many years, in parallel to professional work, he worked as a lay pastor and preacher in many churches. In recent years, he began working full-time with the elderly as a pastor, specialising in the spiritual care of the older generation and end-of-life care. His wife, Alison, died in 2004 and he is now married to Hannah; between them they have nine children and many grandchildren! Together, they have led and spoken at conferences, and minister the love and healing of God. Amongst others, they have also ministered alongside Jen Rees Larcombe at Beauty For Ashes and the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation.


‘This book is a ‘must have’ experience. It comes out of years of friendship with God and enjoyment of His word. I love the way David uses the tiny, ordinary things of life to explain complex concepts, making them so easily accessible. This book is definitely going to sit by my bed for years to come providing fresh delight and interest on every page.’


Jennifer Rees Larcombe, author, speaker and founder of Beauty from Ashes


‘David’s daily readings are not just an eye opener, but a great ‘spirit opener’! He has a lovely gift of getting into the reader’s soul and mind and filling us with deep truths expressed simply. These come from a great love of God’s Word and some challenging life experiences.’


Bishop John Perry and Marilyn Perry

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