Snake Mouth




Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 184

Release Date: December 2018

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781910786482


A story for teenagers focussing on the need for understanding and compassion for children who are different. Tina Walton, a poor little girl who has ‘Tourettes Syndrome.’ Unfortunately poor Tina is not aware of what is happening to her. She believes that she is being badly behaved and will go to hell for her actions. Her teacher and classmates reiterate the messages that she is a bad girl who must be punished. But hope finds Tina through two very different friends and slowly she begins to see herself as God sees her.


Anne Jordan began her writing journey in 2007 when she received a prize for a BBC new writers competition. She then wrote a selection of short adult and children’s short stories, featuring characters with learning difficulties. Her debut novel, Behind the Sea, was published by Zaccmedia in 2016. Formally was a Skills for Life tutor, working mainly with adults with learning difficulties, Anne has also taught creative writing to adults recovering from mental health problems. Anne now lives in Leicestershire, England with her husband Paul.


‘A poignant tale of poverty and hardship, as a young girl struggles with issues of identity in the aftermath of the Second World War. Set against the backdrop of the Lynmouth Flood disaster, it is ultimately a story of love, acceptance, and the challenging nature of forgiveness. An unforgettable read.’

Sheila Jacobs, editor and award-winning author of fifteen titles to date, including Watchers (Authentic) and To Live Again (DLT)

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