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Teach Us to Pray





Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 140

Release Date: March 2016

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781910786192


Do you find praying easy, or a struggle? Here's some help so it becomes a delight. Based on the Lord’s Prayer, which was always intended to be a model for prayer rather than a prayer we learn by rote, Rob White examines each part of the prayer and shows how we can practically apply these to our everyday lives.

Rob White.JPG


Rob White, along with his wife, Marion, lead a church-plant in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, where Rob was senior minister of the Baptist church until May 2004. Prior to that he was national director of Youth For Christ in the UK. They have been fulfilling a wider ministry, giving input to leaders, leadership teams and churches of all denominations. Rob and Marion, together with Ben and Deb Cooley, organised a major event in November 2008 called The Stand, which attracted nearly 6,000 people to the Birmingham NEC, out of which they co-founded Hope for Justice, an organisation whose mission is to investigate cases of human trafficking and to rescue the victims. Rob is also a trustee of The Message Trust. He and Marion have three daughters and six grandchildren.


‘What an encouraging book! Rob’s insight and wisdom is incredibly helpful - especially if you struggle a bit in prayer. I would urge you not to miss it.’


Rob Parsons, Care for the Family


‘This book will give many Christians a new perspective on Jesus’ teaching and greater understanding of the power of prayer. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, it is a must read.’


Ben Cooley, Co-founder and CEO Hope for Justice

‘Rob has been a true man of prayer for many decades. This book has encapsulated his experience and will be a great encouragement to anyone seeking a close relationship with God and an effective ministry of prayer to bring his blessing to our needy world.’


Celia Bowring, Prayer Co-ordinator, CARE

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