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The Power Partnership



Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 192

Release Date: October 2017

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781910786765


‘I knew something had changed the moment they came in the door. Mum and Dad were back from a weekend away. As I came down the stairs to greet them, they looked different. They were smiling - almost laughing as they greeted me. It was as if there was a light around them. As a nine year old boy, I could feel a strong presence there in that hallway. Even then, although I wasn’t sure what it was they had, I wanted it too…’

As a young boy, Jonathan Conrathe became profoundly aware of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. After receiving the Holy Spirit it changed his life. From that point on, he knew such an anointing, such a power. This outpouring of God’s Spirit drew Jonathan into the Word of God, hungry to learn more of this baptism in the Holy Spirit, hungry to learn more of what the Christian life should be.

The Power Partnership will help you discover the ways of the Holy Spirit - a life of miracles for every believer. Find out how you can use the gifts of the Spirit that God gives us. Learn how we can experience the love of the Father, the power of the cross, and the anointing of the Spirit every day of our lives.

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Sensing the call of God strongly in his heart, Jonathan turned down the potential of a career in the family business and at the age of nineteen became a full-time evangelist, training with Don Double of Good News Crusade. After an initial training period of seven years, in 1994 he was released with Don’s blessing to establish ‘Valley Ministries’ with a vision to take the miracles of Jesus to the ‘spiritual valleys of the nations’ (Joel 3:14). Jonathan has now been in full-time ministry for over 25 years and has been privileged to lead in excess of 200,000 people to a living faith in Jesus Christ. He is married to Elaine, and they have three boys, Nathan, Joshua, and Benjamin.


‘Inspiring, brave, humorous and powerful in God's grace, that's my friend Jon Conrathe; and The Power Partnershippulsates with the same grace that is on his life. This book will place a theological foundation beneath your feet, it will stir you to action, teach you the steps of how to flow with the Holy Spirit, and align you in the very purposes of the Kingdom's power. I think we will be using this outstanding book among our congregations and in our training academy for years to come! Thank you Jon & Ralph!’

Jarrod Cooper, Senior Leader, Revive Church


‘In church life today much attention is quite rightly being given to strategy, missional thinking and goal setting. However, without the power and presence of the Holy Spirit these things can become techniques or management skills. Jonathan, in this book, brings us back to our radical foundations. We desperately need to see the gospel shared in word, works and in demonstration of God's power. The emerging generation needs to encounter God and should not jettison the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This book will prove to be a highly valuable resource. Our world is waiting for good news that has the power to transform lives and communities; it is waiting for the message of hope.’

Stuart Bell, Leader of the Ground Level network and Senior Pastor of Alive Church

‘Jonathan was called to the Christian ministry at the age of 17, he started out as a full time evangelist two years later. Now 30 years on, this book lets us in on Jonathan’s story and his passion for every one of us to experience the power of the Holy Spirit equipping us to see our world changed. Reading this book will be both an encouragement and a challenge.’


Steve Clifford, General Director, Evangelical Alliance

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