The Pursuit of Pleasure





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Release Date: April 2017

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Pleasure - one of humanity’s basic and strongest forces. The feelings of enjoyment, satisfaction and meaning are extremely strong, and drive us to achieve them. Basically, we do what we do for the sake of pleasure. Given that we are created in the image and likeness of God, it must be that God desires pleasure. Since God is complete in every way, lacking nothing. His expressions of desire towards us must be to draw humanity into His pleasure.

In The Pursuit of Pleasure, Bill Smith seeks to encourage us towards a greater awareness and pursuit of God as pleasure, as an ultimate delight in the passionate love of our Father God. It also highlights the pleasure we have for His kingdom and how that permeates through our worship life, prayer life and relationship that we have with Him.

The Pursuit of Pleasure will also help us discover what type of pleasure is important and how we don’t have to live around the distorted version of pleasure that the world wants us to embrace. This is not a pursuit just for those who are above failure and weakness. It is the pursuit of all, especially those who know their frailty, while longing for relationship with the Father, a relationship that satisfies and yields peace and joy.


Bill Smith became a Christian, a passionate lover and follower of Jesus, and preacher on the streets of Liverpool while still in his teens. Following training at Moorlands Bible College, he became a Baptist pastor and has worked in mission projects in Mozambique, India, the Philippines and more recently, Romania. All these experiences gave him great delight as he witnessed first-hand God transforming lives. He has also worked as a teacher and head of department of Religious Studies. Bill now lives in Dorset, England, is married and has six children and eleven grandchildren.


‘One of the greatest themes of the Bible is the pleasure of God. We were made to enjoy His pleasure and to bring Him pleasure. In exploring this theme, Bill has done us a great service. He has shown us how to bring joy to the Lover of our souls and, in the process, to delight in the passionate love of the Living God. What could be more pleasurable than that?’

Mark Stibbe, Best-selling, award-winning author, CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions


‘William Smith really brings this whole subject of God’s Pleasure versus our pleasure to the forefront of our minds as we pursue God in this season of transformation. I believe this book will pinpoint the degree of pleasure we have for the kingdom, and how that will manifest through our worship life, prayer life and relationship we have with Him. It will also help us discover the priorities of what type of pleasure is important, and bring us to a sobering conviction of what type of pleasure we have allowed into our relationships that have affected us not to understand and enjoy God’s good pleasure. I would recommend both leaders and the Body of Christ to read this as it will help evaluate the type of relationship we have with the Lord and His kingdom, and how we don’t have to live around the distorted version that the world wants us to embrace; get to know the true nature of God and His good pleasure for your life.’

Dr David McDonald, North Charleston Apostolic Center International, David McDonald Ministries

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