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The Reel Story




Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 232

Release Date: July 2020

Price: £11.99

ISBN: 9781912863488


If you could choose ten movies to showcase your life and send a message to future generations, what would they be? The Reel Story is Chris Spicer's collection of film-based, autobiographical stories. Each of the ten films in the ten chapters that follow outlines the lessons learnt and mistakes made from a lifetime in business, social enterprise, education and various branches of Christianity. Each movie illustrates timeless truths he want to pass onto future generations. The Reel Story is his story of those people, objects and events that have influenced his life. He has written it to inspire the next generation to run faster and go further than his generation ever thought possible, and to offer a word of warning about those distractions, detours and diversions that can bring ruin to the unsuspecting traveller.

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Chris Spicer is a Christian leader who has over fifty-years experience working with churches and learning centers throughout Europe, Africa and North America. Having lived in Portland Oregon and served as a Teaching Pastor in Peoria, Illinois, Chris still maintains links with churches in Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma and Oregon. Chris is married to Tina and they have four adult children and eight grandchildren.


'In The Reel Story, Chris Spicer tells the story of his life through the lens of ten movies that have moved and shaped him and his family. These ten films act as windows onto experiences as wide-ranging as spiritual abuse and approval addiction, both of which the author has confronted in his life. As a movie lover myself, I cannot recommend this book more highly. Chris's insight into films, as well as his honesty about his own past, has created a compelling, celluloid memoir that doesn't try to hide the cellulite.'

Mark Stibbe, Film critic and author of A Passion for the Movies

'Since the first frame of film went through a camera more than 100 years ago, movies have challenged, angered, motivated and inspired millions of people. In The Reel Story, Chris Spicer has found ten of those movies and explored how they impacted his life, and how they can change ours. If you love great stories, you' ll love this book. It's a powerful reminder that film has the remarkable ability to be a mirror that changes our perspective on everything.’

Phil Cooke PhD, Filmmaker, media consultant and author of Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

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