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Unstoppable Church




Format: Paperback

Size: 140mm x 216mm

Pages: 96

Release Date: February 2024

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781915046802


God has designed an exciting plan to accelerate our personal growth. It involves being immersed relationally in his vibrant, global Church!


Hugh Osgood is passionate about ‘whole church’ discipleship, whether the church concerned is community focussed, city focussed, or serving at the heart of a network. Over the years he has sought to put his passion into practice in all of these areas, while showing his commitment to inter-church collaboration through his academic work as well as in the national roles he has held. 


'We can look for the perfect discipleship programme to work through and apply in our lives and in our churches, but the truth that reverberates from the pages of Unstoppable Church is that discipleship isn’t ultimately about a course we do but about a life we live.Unstoppable Church is an invitation to a ringside view of Hugh Osgood’s early journey as a disciple and church leader. He draws on his personal experiences, sharing honestly and profoundly the joys and the challenges of being involved in God’s great story. But more than just his personal story, he masterfully weaves in the New Testament narrative to help us recognise the lessons the early Church has for us today.'

Andy Frost - Joint CEO, Gather Movement

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