Picked for a Purpose





Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 248

Release Date: January 2019

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 99781912863044


Born with a painful, undiagnosed disease, Mel was branded ‘naughty and attention-seeking’ from birth, a label that stuck with her for life. Poor body image, a disastrous adolescence, adulterous marriage, divorce, a drug-addicted daughter and her ultimate death might be seen as negatives. But with God's intervention, seeds sown eventually put down roots, blossomed, and bore fruit in her life. With mental issues rife, Mel's hope is that this book will bring answers to those who have suffered as she has.


With a number of books behind her including, The Last Mountain: Living with Aids which reached No 4 in the Sunday Times Bestseller list, Mel Menzies is an inspirational speaker; has led writers’ workshops at various retreats; and is sometimes asked to take part on BBC broadcasts on a wide range of topics, such as stepfamilies; drugs; godparents; and bereavement. Her latest novels, Time to Shine and Chosen are part of the Evie Adams series.


‘Mel Menzies has the ability to be searingly transparent about her life experiences. Look in the mirror of Picked for a Purpose and it may prove life changing!’

David Coffey, OBE Global Ambassador BMS World Mission

Picked for a Purpose now shares the story of Mel’s private and public life. It is her personal faith and trust in the Lord that makes the vital difference.’

Carl Beech, president, CVM

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