Malcolm Down Publishing is a traditional, independent publisher and home of the children’s imprint Sarah Grace Publishing. Our authors include Andrew Roberts, Mark Stibbe, Wendy Mann and Dr Elizabeth McNaught.

Company registration number: 9335644


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Sarah Grace Publishing

Every great book starts with an inspired idea, so whether you only have that or already have a complete manuscript, we can help you bring your book to publication. Using our great team of professional editors, we can help bring your project to a publishable standard, and assist with an inspiring cover design in order to produce a great-looking printed paperback and eBook.

We don't just leave it there though. We can further help by listing your title on a number of websites such as Amazon and ensure the book is distributed effectively.

Finally, we can also advise you on the best way to market your book in the hope that people in the target readership for your title will hear about it and buy it!