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Breaking Through Barriers to

Breaking Barriers to Blessing


Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 130mm

Pages: 160

Release Date: October 2017

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781910786710


Has there been some unidentified hindrance in your Christian life? Do you often ask the question ‘why me?’ when things go wrong on a personal level, or ‘why not me?’ when you feel God’s blessings are eluding you? If we are honest, we often feel let down, or even somewhat of a fraud, because of the absence of blessing and victory in our lives. There appear to be some barriers to blessing, obstacles in the way which prevent us maturing as Christians.

Christian conversion is not the end of our spiritual search and transformation, but rather the beginning; following which, Jesus Christ begins the process of changing us. We embark on a journey, one which will never end until we are like Him. For our transformation to begin, we need to diagnose the obstacles to blessing in our lives, so that we may receive the appropriate remedy.

Sins, wounds, and demons are the three general areas where most, if not all, problems occur. Obviously, the solutions to each of these problems are different. Sins should be repented of, wounds need to be healed, and demons must be expelled. In Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing, David Legge seeks to help you identify and overcome the hindrances to your progress as a Christian, releasing you to a life of blessing and fulfilment.

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David Legge was the Assistant Pastor at Portadown Baptist Church before taking up the Pastorate of the Iron Hall Assembly in Belfast, where he ministered from 1999-2008. He is now an itinerant minister of Bible teaching and evangelism, along with the intercessory ministry of Portadown House of Prayer. His preaching ministry is available at and he has a daily radio slot on UCB 2 called God Encounters. He is married to Barbara, they have two children, and currently reside in Portadown N. Ireland.


‘David offers a Biblical and carefully researched look into how we can attain sustainable breakthroughs amidst the many challenges people are experiencing today. I thoroughly recommend this book, since it draws on the promises of Scripture, gives in-depth insight into many of the Biblical miracles and healings, and provides answers to many questions in a practical and tangible way that will lead to breakthrough and blessing!’

Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie, Executive Director, Partnership Ministries

‘This is a book that stops us in our tracks and causes us to rethink our position as Christians. The key emphasis is on begin rather than doing. As we enter into a living, vital relationship with God, we are empowered to live a life of fellowship and communion with Him. A life that is pleasing to God and enriching for us. Here, the author outlines the steps of forgiveness, freedom and wholeness. This is a balanced book, giving us an insight into the demonic world, its influences and snares, while at the same time guarding us against being overwhelmed by it and pointing us to the One who came to ‘set the captives free’: the Lord Jesus Christ.’

Rev. T.J Hagan B.D. (Minister Emertius, Donacloney Presbyterian Church, Lurgan, Northern Ireland)

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