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God's Human Email




Format: Paperback

Size: 203mm x 254mm

Pages: 112

Release Date: September 2022

Price: £19.99

ISBN: 9781915046369


Throughout church history, illustrating and applying the bible to the present day has been a vital part of relevant gospel presentation. In this beautifully illustrated devotional book, Jon Gledhill and Isabel Watson provide rich portraits from our modern daily life with deep spiritual truths, illustrating and applying God’s word in a way that will leave readers helped and hope-filled. - Regan King, Pastor of The Angel Church, Islington, London

It’s such a joy to see God leading both Jon and Isabel to finish this first book. The blogs and paintings carry simple biblical truth envisaged in current settings so that even children can understand them. Simply turn to any page, look at the picture, read and narrate, it will enable you to praise God and relate with others. - Roland Lim, Director, Waterplus PTE Ltd. Singapore

This beautifully presented and illustrated book is filled with thoughtful, sometimes challenging comments based on numerous Bible stories. Keep one on your coffee table! - John Rose, Senior Administrator, Urban Saints.

This is a beautiful, creative, inspiring book bound to captivate the reader in the heart and soul. Don’t just put it on your coffee table. Walk through it slowly and thoughtfully, and see how God might speak to you. - Matt Summerfield, Lead Pastor, Zeo Church, Hitchin. UK


Jon Gledhill is an international businessman operating in Europe, the Middle East California, Singapore and other Asian nations. He witnessed Jesus at 'work' in the marketplace in so many ways. He has also recently enjoyed performing as a stand up comedian.

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