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Emmaus - Jeremy Marshall

Emmaus - Jeremy Marshall

SKU: 9781915046673
  • In a tale of grief, loss, and rediscovery, Felix finds himself immersed in a tumultuous journey of the mind and soul. Haunted by his wife's death, he seeks solace as a volunteer at a charitable trust housed within a converted psychiatric hospital. As Felix grapples with his own demons and struggles with insomnia, his return to the old grounds of the hospital becomes a pivotal moment in his life.

    Reconnecting with his old friend Angus, Felix finds unexpected support and understanding. Together, they embark on a mission to fix a broken gutter, a seemingly trivial task that holds deeper significance. Amidst their labour, a peculiar encounter with a frog leaves Felix questioning the boundaries of reality. As Felix opens up about his anguish and dwindling faith, Angus lends a sympathetic ear, acknowledging the weight of Felix's shipwrecked existence.

    In the serenity of the garden, the two men engage in a poignant conversation. Felix, once a devoted vicar, now grapples with the unanswerable questions of a loving God in the face of immense suffering. As their dialogue unfolds, Felix confronts his faltering belief, uncertain if God is absent, indifferent, or simply concealed.

    In this heartfelt narrative, Felix's journey towards self-discovery intertwines with themes of faith, resilience, and the search for meaning. Will Felix find solace and renewal in his voyage through the depths of grief, or will he be forever adrift, seeking answers in a world fraught with uncertainties?

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