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Lost and Found in China - A.N. Shepperd

Lost and Found in China - A.N. Shepperd

SKU: 9781527284616
  • Lost and Found in China is at once the story of a geographical adventure exploring 33 provinces of mainland China. It is also the story of one man who found new direction for life on the journey. No cameraman accompanied him, no back up team or researchers to smooth his path. His journey of discovery, spread over nine year, consisted of road trips made with friends in a budget rental car such as any ordinary traveller might hire.


    In this book the author deliberately explores the other sides of China - the people, the history, the landscapes, the psyche and simply the experience of being there with the aim of entertaining, inspiring and demystifying a country that is home to a third of the worlds population. The story brings to life a spectacular China that few have even thought to imagine.

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