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The Supernaturals: The Supernaturals and the Miracle Dream


The Supernaturals: The Supernaturals and the Miracle Dream

SKU: 9781915046901
  • Did you know that followers of Jesus have superpowers?


    When Jesus lived on the earth, he healed the sick, revealed things
    about people's lives that only God could know, brought the dead back to life, and gave people the chance of a new start in life.


    But before he returned to heaven, Jesus told his followers that he would give them the power to do the same things.


    This power is called the Holy Spirit.


    Having the Holy Spirit is like having a superpower.


    Meet The Supernaturals in The Supernaturals and the Miracle Dream
    Teji awakens from a vivid dream.


    Believing the dream was from God, she’s determined to understand its
    significance. With her friends by her side, each possessing their own special powers, they embark on a journey guided by faith and divine intervention.


    Adventuring from the comfort of their skatepark hangout to the bustling shopping mall, they find the very person from Teji's dream – a homeless woman in need of healing.


    Join Teji and her friends on an unforgettable journey of discovery, where dreams become reality and God’s love knows no bounds.

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