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The Transforming Principle - John Lotz

The Transforming Principle - John Lotz

SKU: 9781915046598
  • In a world focused on selfish consumption, how can Christians seek to experience life to its fullest? After connecting deeply with a verse in Acts 20, John Lotz discovered a principle that transformed and continues to transform, his Christian thinking and living. From this, John believes Christians can find what it means to truly run the race set before them and run it well. Packed with personal experiences and biblical insights, The Transforming Principle shows how to move a static existence to an everyday, joyful experience of God’s love, blessings and grace.
    This is both a handbook of personal experience and a well-researched commentary on how to live in the God-given realty, that it is truly ‘more blessed to give than to receive’. I encourage you to learn from it and also to open your heart, as you read the personal testimony that pours off its pages.

    Martin Young, author of This is That, mentor, speaker and consultant.
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