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Redeeming Dust




Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 316

Release Date: October 2020

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781912863617


First-century Palestine is a turbulent place to live. A subjugated people suffer a minimal existence, as the Empire of Rome extracts its taxes and controls the supply of food. Young men thirst for freedom, some hot-heads join the rebel bands and the empire seeks to eliminate their hide-outs in the hills and the desert. Of four puppet kings, only two now remain to do the bidding of the Governor of Rome, or they too may find themselves deposed. Several religious groups compete to hold sway over the people, each with their own interpretation of the religious law, whilst a priestly class levies its own taxes from their temple powerbase. A million gather for the great festival of Passover every year, as the Governor marches in an extra two legions to maintain control. The nation’s hopes lie with one man, the religious groups see his power, but can they control it? Will his odd band of followers continue, to the end of the world, that he has foretold?

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Jacq Marlow has always been interested in historical context that can make a story come alive. Many years ago his mother gave him a Study Bible, with charts and timelines of events which opened his eyes to riches he had not previously seen. He lives in a heavy engineering city but works in a light engineering company, with a background in biology and most loves the countryside with its birdsong.

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