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Shambolic Mammal



Format: Hardback

Size: 148mm x 105mm

Pages: 128

Release Date: April 2022

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781915046222


Shambolic Mammal is a compilation of four of Jude Simpson’s most popular poems and songs, brought together for the first time in this collection and exquisitely illustrated by some of her favourite artists.

Complete with out-takes, personal reflections, ruminative footnotes and performance advice, this little treat will bring a smile to the face of word-lovers and apple-eaters everywhere.

Reptile Needs illustrated by Julie Shaw, with an introduction, footnotes, and out-takes
Oh! No! My Baby is a Mango! illustrated by Lydia Brown, with chords, melody and performance notes.
Pink Lady illustrated by Christine Lafon, with footnotes and out-takes.
Parent illustrated by Katy Brown, with a personal note.


Jude Simpson is a unique writer and entertainer, combining insightful observational comedy with poetry, rap and song to create a unique act which leaves audiences smiling, laughing and occasionally hungry. She performs across the UK, but especially in East Anglia.

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