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Time to Shine





Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 222

Release Date: July 2015

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 9781910786055


The interweaving tale of counsellor Evie Adams and her client Julia Worth, a well-off ‘lady of leisure’, unhappily married to Carl. When Carl suspects Julia of being unfaithful, Julia’s relationship becomes emotionally abusive and so her therapy sessions with Evie become an ever-increasing source of strength. Meanwhile, Hilary, a mutual friend of both Carl and Julia, seems to have been involved in a mysterious cover-up of a tragic death at Carl’s school.

At the same time, Evie has her own issues to deal with. Childless, she discovers that her ex-husband’s new partner is pregnant…

Located in Exeter’s Cathedral Green, Time to Shine is a psychological mystery, which readers of Jodi Picoult and Susan Howatch will no doubt enjoy.

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With nearly a dozen books behind her, one of which reached number four in The Sunday Times Bestseller list, Merrilyn Williams has now turned to fiction and writes under her maiden name, Mel Menzies. Her second novel title, Time to Shine was published in 2015. Drawing on her personal experience in dealing with divorce, debt, her daughter’s drug addiction and subsequent death, she aims to comfort others with the comfort she has received. A former chair of ACW and secretary to American author Paul Gallico, she is actively involved in a large church in Torquay, runs a book club and writers’ group and, now a grandmother, has been happily remarried for many years.


Time to Shine is a brilliant, in-depth picture of a marriage gone wrong – the disintegration, the pain, the hope. Written with great psychological and spiritual sensitivity in Mel Menzies’ inimitable style.’

Donna Fletcher Crow, author of The Monastery Murders

‘A bestselling author with a real insight into psychological drama.’

Fay Sampson, crime writer and winner of CRT’s Best Fiction Book of the Year award

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