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To Everything a Time




Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 248

Release Date: May 2016

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 9781910786499


Alison Harper might be considered a woman who has it all – husband, four healthy children, friends, and a farmhouse home in a beautiful setting, even a temperamental Aga. But, as a new year unfolds, unforeseen events and issues arise, some trivial and easily dealt with, others that are matters of life and death. There are mysteries too. What is the connection between her fifteen-year old son and the vicar’s daughter? Why has her nine-year old suddenly begun stealing? And who is the strange man who watches children in the school playground from the shelter of the trees? Ali aims to discover the answers, and sometimes finds herself with more than she can handle.

Eleanor Watkins.jpeg


Eleanor Watkins is the author of more than forty books published by a variety of publishers such as Lion, Christian Focus and Scripture Union. More recently she is known as the author of the Beech Bank Girls series from Dernier Publishing. Most of her titles are fiction for young people from first readers to YA, and she especially enjoys writing historical fiction. She lives in an old farmhouse overlooking the beautiful Wye valley, near the book town of Hay-on-Wye, with her husband and a collection of cats. She has four adult children and five grandchildren. Her passions are books and reading, the countryside and natural world, travel, friends of all ages, people watching. Eleanor comes from a long line of farming people and many of her books have a rural and local setting.


‘This book is a sort of Midsummer Murders without the murder! Written from the view of Alison, the Christian wife of a farmer, the changing of the seasons give a lovely backdrop to a gentle read. The book cleverly interweaves stories of death, teenage pregnancy and new life and misjudging others. All strands of a community life that work together in a very readable novel.’

Sheila Jacobs, CBC award-winning author, editor and speaker

To Everything A Time had me smiling and nodding throughout. A husband who doesn’t listen. Teenage daughters who think they know better than Mum. Put downs galore. Misunderstandings aplenty. But there were tears, too. And over it all, the gentle reassurance of a loving God who reminds us that however imperfect we believe ourselves to be, we all have a part to play – at home, as well as within our community. This book was a joy to read.’

Mel Menzies, author of Time to Shine and Chosen?

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