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You, Me and the Butterfly


Format: Paperback

Size: 216mm x 140mm

Pages: 52

Release Date: May 2024

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781915046888


You, Me and the Butterfly is set within a women’s prison, where failure, depression, anxiety and fear are never too far away. Success, joy, peace and hope seem an unreachable dream at times. This is where we find ‘You’ – in prison, with little hope of a positive release from the cycle which engulfs’ You’. Can she see change in her circumstances and environment? Can she dare for a better tomorrow, next week or next month – looking any further appears futile. ‘Me’ – I’m someone trying to support ‘You’, when given the chance and the right resources. Can a ‘Butterfly’ provide the inspiration and motivation to prompt change? This is not just a story about someone in prison, but one to encourage anybody feeling stuck in their circumstances, unable to move on or see a brighter tomorrow.


Simeon has worked in a prison setting for twenty years, as a seconded Probation Service Officer and a chaplain – including having been a managing chaplain of a women’s prison. He is the author of One Mile to Make A Difference which is a semi-autobiographical book sharing his journey as a Christian chaplain. In it he invites the reader on the same journey many women take as they leave prison. He is also the author of Gate Happy which is a collection of articles highlighting the issues many women face as they leave prison. Simeon was given a Butler Trust Commendation for his work as a community chaplain and the way he carries it out.

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