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Format: Paperback

Size: 198mm x 129mm

Pages: 248

Release Date: June 2016

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 9781910786321


As a counsellor, based in Exeter’s Cathedral Green, Evie Adams ponders the extraordinary circumstances surrounding her latest clients and the way they’ve impacted upon her own life.  On the one hand is Phoebe, terrified that a distant relation is going to contest her deceased mother’s will. On the other is Matt, seeking, with Evie’s help, the mystery surrounding his biological parentage – all of which raises the question again and again as to whether adoption equates to being chosen or cheated.

Meanwhile, waiting for the higher ferry to take her across the river from Dartmouth to Kingswear, Evie can’t help equating it to some people’s real life experiences.  Back and forth they ply, driven by an outside force; tethered to a lifestyle that inhibits freedom.  Is Matt’s cousin one of them, Evie wonders?  Will she ever be unleashed?

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With nearly a dozen books behind her, one of which reached number four in The Sunday Times Bestseller list, Merrilyn Williams has now turned to fiction and writes under her maiden name, Mel Menzies. Her second novel title, Time to Shine was published in 2015. Drawing on her personal experience in dealing with divorce, debt, her daughter’s drug addiction and subsequent death, she aims to comfort others with the comfort she has received. A former chair of ACW and secretary to American author Paul Gallico, she is actively involved in a large church in Torquay, runs a book club and writers’ group and, now a grandmother, has been happily remarried for many years.


‘This story, set in Devon, not only entertains, it inspires! When a good writer and great storyteller like Mel unfolds a tale that is intriguing, touching and challenging to both heart and soul, the memory of it stays in the reader's mind, often making a more lasting impression than the most thundering of sermons. Having been privy to plenty of real life tragedies, including Mel’s, in my role as a presenter of Songs of Praise, I love the way that Evie, the counsellor in the Evie Adams series, sets out to help her clients solve the obstacles before them, and to accomplish the potential in their lives.’

Pam Rhodes, journalist, presenter, writer and speaker

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